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Excise duty refund on diesel for road transport: publication of new refund rates


EMCS 4.1 was implemented on February 13. For The Netherlands, this means that there is a direct link between Customs Management System (In Dutch Douane Management Systeem (DMS)) and EMCS.


There are therefore three new messages in EMCS:

  • Upon acceptance or release of the export declaration, you will receive an “IE829 – notification of accepted export”. You do not have to respond to this

  • If the export declaration is not accepted, you will receive an “IE839 – Customs rejection of e-AD”. In this case the crosscheck was not successful. Do an extra check

  • When invalidating an export declaration (even after release transport) in DMS, you will receive an “IE836 invalidation of export declaration”. Then you must create a new export declaration or specify the destination of the excise goods movement.

Detailed explanation can be found via the link below:


There is an issue with re-export from a customs warehouse, but a work-around has been created for this. The final solution will take some time.

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