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Excise duty refund on diesel for road transport: publication of new refund rates


Both citizens and operators are used, each year, to keep finger crossed until the very last day of the year hoping for a last minute renewal of the excise rate reduction. This time nothing happened so the standard rate of fuels and beer increased after the New Year’s Eve.


  • BEER

The standard rate, still to be calculated on degree plato, raised of 5 cent returning to 2,99 € per hectoliter. Consequentially, the reduced rate applying on small producers – either based in Italy or other EU Member – with average annual production lower than 10.000 hectoliters raised as well, removing all reductions applied on 2022 for producers with average annual production lower than, respectively, 30 and 60 thousand hectoliters.



After several monthly renewals the excise rates on fuels slightly increased on December for then returning to pre-Ukrainian war standard. For 2023 the rates are defined as follow:


a) petrol: € 728,40 per hectolitre;

b) diesel: € 617,40 per hectolitre;

c) liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): € 267,77 per tonne.

Tiny favorable point for haulers who can apply for excise duty refund on diesel for commercial use, as follow:

  • Diesel purchased on December 2022 = 0,06 € per liter

  • Diesel purchased on the ffirst quarter of 2023 = 0,21 € per liter

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